As part of Magic Cycling, BIKETO.COM was established in 2002.

It is a comprehensive cycling information website for the cycling business and cyclists. We provide information of bike business,

exhibition, race, product review, product launch, business opportunity, cycling activity, etc. We work hard to finish our work with efficiency and good quality.

BIKETO.COM has launched its APP in 2014, and keep improving its function to provide better user experience.

ou can also follow ‘BIKETO美骑网’ on Sina weibo and ‘美骑’ on wechat. On the other hand,

BIKETO.COM also works with mobile subscription platform such as ZAKER, Sohu, Xianguo, Flipboard and Meizu,

etc., to ensure our users enjoy bicycle information anytime, any where.

BIKETO.COM provides impersonal, instant, and precise information of cycling in China, covering the fields of bike business, exhibition, race, product review, bike knowledge, etc., which makes a perfect display platform for outdoor brands.

  • Product Review

    With official data and real test result, our professional product review team can provide you with thorough report of the product, so that you can understand if the product is good, and how good it is.

  • Industry Information

    All up-to-date information, from both China and the rest of the world, about riding activities, industry, exhibition and interviews. Focusing on hot topics with breadth and depth.

  • Race Reports

    Covering hundreds of pro and amateur races both in and out of China. We are the professional racing reporters. Never miss any monumental cycling race.

  • Videos

    Our video team will show you the most vivid and exciting images of cycling events with their cameras. so that you can understand if the product is good, and how good it is.

  • BBS

    The sport of cycling is attracting more and more people in China. With 445 thousand registered members, BIKETO BBS is the largest cycling forum in China, which provides a perfect platform for cycling fans to share their life with bikes.

  • Riding Knowledge

    Experience, skills, health, safety, maintenance, beginner’s guide... Riding is absolutely a sport demanding witness. Whatever purpose for riding, riding knowledge is your necessity.

  • Bike Traveling

    Bike traveling notes, routes, and thoughts... Traveling is one of our best teachers. Don’t hesitate. Pick up your bike and ride to the world!

  • Photo Epics

    Using awesome photos and delicate words to demonstrate the attractiveness of cycling sport. The epics include contents of crazy bicycle activities, artistically gorgeous products and outstanding figures.

In 2015, the number of registered members of BIKETO reached 720,000,

with its PV over 106 million and the number of unique visitors being 18 million(which increased by 6.28 million).

BIKETO.COM is recognized by OUTSIDE magazine as one of the most influential website for outdoor sports in